anne collod … & alters

parades & changes, replay in expansion

Creation 2011

A reinterpretation of Anna Halprin‘s Parades & Changes (1965), artistic direction Anne Collod

With parades & changes, replay in expansion, Anne Collod pushed the potential of Parades & Changes to the extreme by introducing new scores that were not revisited in her first reinterpretation. Anne Collod invited four circus performers to join the dancers in reviving hitherto unseen parades, notably a Parade of Construction, whose vertical form makes it emblematic of the show. She extended the transdisciplinary nature of the original show by engaging an enlarged and entirely new team of dancers, none of whom took part in the initial reinterpretation, and by bringing in leading circus performers. 
Using all of the scores created by Anna Halprin for the first time, as well as new scores developed in 2008, parades & changes, replay in expansion is a full reconstruction of the diverse versions from the 1960s and 2000s, in an unprecedented form.

Artistic actions and services based on Anna Halprin’s work:
The association … & alters provides a range of services that raise awareness of the reinterpretation processes developed by Anne Collod and convey an in-depth understanding of Anna Halprin’s work.

  • Workshops for professional and amateur dancers, dancing teachers, physical education teachers, amateurs, art school students, architecture students etc.
  • Talks
  • Meetings with audiences
  • Film screenings
  • Exhibitions of graphic work and scores created by the designer Mathias Poisson.

Conception, artistic director: Anne Collod, in dialogue with Anna Halprin and Morton Subotnick

Reinterpretation & performance: Anne Collod, Yoann Demichelis, Ghyslaine Gau, Saskia Hölbling, Ignacio Herrero Lopez, Eric Lecomte, Chloé Moura, Laurent Pichaud, Pascal Queneau, Fabrice Ramalingom

Music:  Morton Subotnick performed by Pierre-Yves Macé

Light design: Henri-Emmanuel Doublier
Artistic collaboration: Cécile Proust

Stage manager: Fred Vannieuwenhuyse and Frank Condat

Production manager: Henri jules Julien
Production: Association …& alters
Coproduction with le Parc and la Grande Halle de La Villette / Paris; La Brèche; Centre Régional des Arts du Cirque, Cherbourg. With production aid from ARCADI, creation aid from the Regional cultural affaires directorate (DRAC) for Ile de France, aid from ADAMI and SPEDIDAM. With the support of the Académie Fratellini international centre of performing arts / Saint-Denis; Montpellier Danse; and the Apostrophe scène nationale in Cergy-Pontoise & Val d’Oise.