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On Moving alternatives

Meeting/talk with Anne Décoret-Ahiha in dialogue with Anne Collod on les Danses exotiques.

Meeting/talk with Anne Décoret-Ahiha in dialogue with Anne Collod on les Danses exotiques.

Anne Décoret-Ahiha is a dance anthropologist and the author of Les danses exotiques en France 1880-1940, CND.
She is interested in the discourse around the discovery of exotic dances on French soil and measures the impact of their contribution on social and artistic dance practices.
By combining and comparing the research and views of the author Anne Décoret-Ahiha and the choreographer Anne Collod on these questions, the session offers reflection that is fed by musical extracts and film, relevant to the contemporary socio-political context.

Alternative bodies - Installation and talks

The installation Alternative bodies, created by Anne Collod in collaboration with the videographer Jacques Hœpffner as an extension to the show Moving alternatives, considers how the ‘other’ is created and incorporated in dance. It focuses on contemporary issues, such as cultural appropriation and gender stereotypes, that emerge from the work of the US choreographers Ruth Saint-Denis and Ted Shawn.
The installation consists of a series of capsule videos lasting around ten minutes, shown on 5 screens. The videos combine interviews (with both performers from the show Moving alternatives and researchers in dance history, anthropology, philosophy, cultural studies, and gender studies, who documented the creation of Moving alternatives) with archive photos and film of the show.

A series of talks is offered in complement to the installation, allowing performers in the show and/or researchers to talk further about their viewpoints and their specific research in connection with the challenges and issues explored by the work.