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On (faire) cabane

(faire) cabane is an in-situ choreographic and visual art production for a choir of amateurs and materials. The production creates living, moving cabanes (shacks, shelters or dens) which evolve when sets of actions are carried out based on choreographic scores. Each participant, depending on their score, moves and is led by the objects or materials as part of a whole group, moving together on a site.

The preparation for (faire) cabane takes the form of outdoor on-site workshops. The workshops begin with an ordinary warm-up and awareness session, in which exercises and games enable each person to develop and refine their relationship to movement, and their capacity to locate themselves in space, to listen, to perceive the environment, and to read the landscape. Each person is also invited to bring imaginary worlds into play, create living landscapes, and work with the objects that constitute the cabane through instructions for exploration, manipulation, and choregraphed games. A sequence of actions is then devised which determines the scenario that makes the cabane, and the cabane’s movements and reconfigurations. The sequences are repeated on the site and then performed in public on selected days.

While the repetitions are taking place, Mathias Poisson creates a graphic score for (faire) cabane which guides the game for the participants and documents the production.

Workshops given since 2007 to various audiences in France and internationally :
École Supérieur d’Art, Aix-en-Provence, Lamelouze (Cévennes),
Festival Plastique Danse Flore, École Nationale du Paysage de Versailles,
Spatialités en danse Workshop, Dance Department Paris VIII University and the Rencontres Chorégraphiques, Seine-Saint-Denis,
Paris School of Architecture, Val de Seine,
Journée des Voisins, La Briqueterie/CDCN Val-de-Marne.

Amateur dancers:
Entre cours et jardin Festival,
À Domicile Festival, Guissény (Finistère),
Extension sauvage Festival, Combourg.