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Workshops for kids

On CommUne Utopie

These workshops for kids explore utopia through sensory, playful, and participative movement. They offer complete immersion in the choreographic material and the principles of the new production CommUne Utopie is a show inspired by the US choreographer Anna Halprin’s show, Parades & Changes. 
The workshops focus on everyday movements, revealing their extraordinary dimensions. Using a simple action, such as carrying, throwing, tearing etc., the kids explore the various nuances of movement. With an ordinary object (a piece of clothing, cardboard box, cushion, large piece of paper etc.) the children are invited to change how they do things based on instructions that alter aspects of speed, pace, force, or togetherness. The kids thus become familiar with the notion of a ‘task’; the concept invented by Anna Halprin that revolutionised dance.

Based on fun, games, and working together, the activities invite kids to explore and connect their kinaesthetic, sound, and visual dimensions. The workshop also invites children to imagine and share their ideal society, dream world, and dream art. It is an opportunity to encourage them to discover the exciting and playful history of avant-garde and artistic utopias in dance by making a connection with rules in games, primarily through the richness of Anna Halprin’s work.

Workshops given since 2021 to different classes of school children in France:
Local residency in schools 2021/2022 - Île-de-France

In partnership with the Escales Danse network and as part of local residency lasting several months, … & alters worked with Points Communs-Cergy, the CDA in Enghien-les-Bains, the Paul Eluard theatre in Bezons in school environments and with four classes of children from year 2 (7-8 years) to year 7 (11-12 years).

Uzès dance pathway at school: with the Maison-CDCN in Uzès, workshops were held over several weeks for eight classes from reception up to year six.

Many workshops on awareness and immersion were provided for years 2 to 7 to complement performances of the CommUne Utopie show.