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Disruptive Constellations

Practices of Reinterpretation – FU Berlin – Valeska Gert Professorship, Summer Semester, 2021

Anne Collod was invited to teach one semester at the Freie Universität in Berlin through the Valeska Gert-Visiting-Professorship for Dance and Performance.
The aim of the prestigious role is to enable the guest choreographer to pass on artistic knowledge and practices and help students to develop their students critical thinking about current developments in dance and performance.
Previous guest choreographers have included artists such as Xavier LeRoy, Cesc Gelabert, Laurent Chétouane, Thomas Hauert, Koffi Koko, Robyn Orlin, Joachim Schloemer, Deborah Hay, Meg Stuart, Mette Ingvartsen and Lia Rodrigues.
Anne Collod connected her experience of working with Anna Halprin with the issues surrounding her reinterpretation projects. Her teaching combined practical and reflexive aspects and was divided into three phases: investigating-documenting, decoding-interpreting, and reinterpreting-speculating. Anne presented her course in an inaugural lecture and then rolled it out via online classes (because of Covid) in spring and summer of 2021. The outcomes of the course included students creating a Documentation Centre, shows, producing a short film, and sharing online at the end of the university semester. These achievements and actualisations are documented in English here.